Back pain – 3 essential stretching tips

Are you one of the countless adults suffering from back pain? Do you suffer from back pain, not just weeks, but years of repeated and back pain?

Chances are you like so many adults, 80% actually suffer from back pain at some point. It may disappear with treatment or some stretching, but then it comes back again soon.

Is there a simple approach to help get rid of back pain once and for all?

The most common approach is to use stretching. Sure they are helpful, but they should be used as part of a total regime. To make sure that your back pain disappears completely and permanently you need to release muscle tension, you also need to strengthen weakened muscles and make sure that your joints move freely and easily.

But first for the tight muscles …

Stretching Tip # 1

The first essential of stretching is to know how to stretch. The most common stretch is called an isometric stretch. This is where you hold the muscle in a state of tension for about a minute. However this is the least effective way to stretch if you have back problems. It takes too long to do this and is less effective at reducing muscle tension.

The best type of stretch is called PNF. It takes less time and reduces muscle tension on days if used properly. PNF stretching uses muscle rebound relaxation. You put the muscle in a state of tension and then contract the muscle gently.

The best thing is that you only need 6 seconds to make the stretch effective.

Stretching Tip # 2

The second important tip for stretching is what to stretch. There is no point in knowing how to use an effective stretch, such as PNF, if you are stretching the wrong muscles.

Focusing on the right muscles not only removes back pain quickly, but also prevents it from coming back. Muscles should be stretched on each side, not just the side of the pain.

You should also stretch the muscles that change the position of your spine. The reason is simple enough. Where your back hurts, does not mean that this is where the problem is.

For example, if you have neck pain, it can be caused by your lower back being strong. Same goes for your lower back, it may be caused by your lower leg muscles and there have been changes in posture that allow for lower back pain.

Stretches should focus on the right muscles or back pain will stay or come back again soon.

Stretching Tip # 3

The most important part of stretching is not how or what to stretch, but when to stretch.

When you stretch a muscle, you are trying to remove tension. In other words you want the muscle to relax. So if you use muscle as soon as you stretch it, this relaxation will go away.

Knowing when to stretch is therefore most essential. The best way to stretch is to use PNF, then you need to target the right muscles and then stretch them 3 times a day. The most important thing is to relax the muscle after it is under it.

Knowing when to use stretching is an area that few look at. This is the main reason why there are so many ineffective stretching routines. This is why so many adults seek help time and time again.

Back pain will remain unless you address the three causes of back pain – your tight muscles, the weakened muscles and the imbalance in the joints. Knowing how, what and when to stretch is an essential part of this process.

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