Bigger is not always better: why breast reduction surgeries are so popular

Becky Fulford has been used to big breasts in the past. Her perception changed when she began to have chronic back and neck pain. She consulted with some friends, dermatologists and plastic surgeons and she asked her to lose the gift and breast size. Despite the training and diet plan, she had no significant change.

So she had this procedure and she is not in the recovery phase. She is a hair stylist who has been thinking about reduction treatment since she was 16 but she has not been able to realize this idea in the past. She underwent the surgery at the age of 30. With a bra size varying from 30FG to 34GG, finding one that would fit was always a challenge.

She could not wear the usual size bra. She had to find the bra in the market that suited her. She no longer has to do this hard work. She can just go to the market and buy a bra of your choice. She now has a wide bra and clothing choices. She had a hard time working out in the gym and even going sometimes because of the pain.

A plastic surgeon helps to reduce the load

It is not easy for women with too large breasts to naturally reduce body size and breast size. Becky tried to do this with traditional weight loss methods but without an increase. These concerns are all too familiar to Dr. Joy Kloet, a plastic surgeon in St. John’s.

She says; “Women with oversized breasts suffer from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain and many other problems. People get rashes under the chest, and over time they can get permanent grooves in the shoulders. “

It is important to note that this procedure is not covered under regular health insurance plans. The procedure is not cheap and a huge amount is required to finance it. Although most women with big breasts can go for it but the treatment is not just for all women. Breast tissue should be of a certain weight, and the woman must experience health problems.

Big breasts run in families

Women who are large in size and want to have children should know that this issue can run in families. Your daughter can become a victim of the problem as well and you can stop it if he reduces the size in a reduction technique. You may be fine with a large breast but what if your kids have it too.

Kloat says there are large breasts common in Newfoundland and Labrador, and it appears to operate in families, so there is a genetic component. According to her, the negative attention was not only from men but also from women. “Girls are just threatened by you. People feel for some reason that because you are well endowed you are going after their boyfriend. “

Becky and her husband are now planning to have children. She was waiting for the right moment to start the family. She is still afraid of breastfeeding, but her plastic surgeon has promised that she will be able to breastfeed easily in the future. Dr. Kloat says most women will be able to breastfeed normally after her. However, there is a chance of losing the ability to breastfeed normally or completely.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Dr. Kloat believes that breast reduction can prevent women from the possible risk of breast cancer. So successful breast reduction treatment means reducing the risk of breast cancer. There are many reasons behind this fact.

There are several reasons for this according to some research studies“, She says. One of the main reasons behind this is that there is less breast tissue that facilitates breast examination and mammography. Sometimes cancer is detected during the reduction surgery.

She is of the opinion that; “Occasionally we find cancer in the samples and I found quite a bit myself. So patients are lucky in this respect, it’s a bit of a gift for them.

She is pleased with her new breast that I measured for the rest of her body. Although she is still recovering and will soon be able to resume routine activities, she plans to purchase new bras that suit her. She is so exciting and can’t wait for the moment when she will put on her new Victoria’s Secret bra and stand in front of the mirror of her closet door.

Becky is currently 34DD, which is less than before and she will be 32D in a few months when the swelling goes away. Becky is pleased with the results of the treatment and she believes that; “Overall I feel more comfortable. It’s already worth it.”

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