Concerns about the growth of range paper mills and mass mills for health and nursing students

The work I have been involved in contract fraud in the last decade has examined students who pay for work that will be completed for them online. This is touching behavior. Students who do not complete their own studies do not acquire the skills they need for employment and jobs.

An alarming trend that has emerged in recent years are essay mills (also known as term paper mills) designed to cater to students from certain academic fields.

You can find factories designed for law students, business students, computer students or any academic field you can think of.

From the point of view of the company that markets essay writing services to students, this is a smart decision. Providing niche connection factories means that students are more likely to find your company online. They are also more likely to trust that you have the academic ability to help them in their subject or academic discipline.

In fact, the truth is much less clear. Investigations I have dealt with have shown that most of these companies do not specialize as they present. The same company usually provides services through a number of different brand names. Each of these uses the same repository of writers, regardless of the entry point used by the students’ involvement in these services.

The growth of factories in subject-specific areas is also a cause for concern when considering as a service to practice. Nursing is a particular example that has been identified. Here students must leave their academic course with practical and mathematical skills that they will use in a hospital ward or with patients.

When students see nursing connection mills online, it is an encouragement for them to cheat and get help they are not entitled to. This means that they end up in front of the patients, but lack the medical care skills needed to support them in their situations. The issue becomes public safety.

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong when a nurse who is not properly qualified works with patients. There have been cases identified in the media where patients were given incorrect prescription drugs, or received the wrong amount of drugs. Patients’ comments are recorded incorrectly, leading to problems down the road. Nurses who have taken a shortcut during the educational journey can continue to do so when placed in front of patients.

As a result I’m very discouraged by potential nurses who are tempted to use connection plants to do so. Previous examples examining the articles produced by these services have shown that they are often not particularly good. Nurses were caught trying to cheat, were expelled from their courses and as a result were never able to get a job in the care profession.

It is best for students to do their work themselves. Academic assessments in nursing are determined for a reason and lead directly to nursing places and the ongoing work that will be performed. Only by avoiding and eliminating the temptations to cheat can we be assured that all nurses are able to provide the medical care we expect.

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