Dandruff and scalp itching on the scalp are simply explained – psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis

Read on to find out the causes of these scalp conditions and the best ways to treat each one – because not all scalp treatments and anti-dandruff shampoos are the same!

Seborrheic dermatitis and eczema

Dermatitis is a word that means ‘inflamed skin’ and is a common cause of red patches and itchy scales. It looks like dandruff, but the scales created by eczema and dermatitis seborrhea are larger and often inflammation in the inflamed scalp. It may also affect the face, eyebrows, beard and central chest area.


Scalp and oily or dry scale

The yellow-red scale in each of the following areas:



Wrinkles between nose and lips

The bridge of the nose

Inside the ears or behind the ears

In the middle of the chest


This type of skin irritation often appears in areas where there are a lot of large oil glands. Inflammation occurs in response to a ‘yeast fungus’ in the scalp and to hair products that break down the oil secreted from the oil glands.

What Causes Severe Seborrheic Dermatitis?

HIV and neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease greatly increase the symptoms of scale, dry scalp and very itchy scalp.

Physical or emotional stress are known triggers.

Genetic factors – Close family members also suffer from this condition.

This condition tends to be more severe during the winter.


This is another condition in the scalp that is common, which can also affect the knees and elbows.


Small, separate patches of inflamed red skin with a very thick scale.

When only the scalp is affected, it can be mistaken in a severe case of dandruff.


Genetic – Psoriasis often affects several members of the same family.

Emotional or physical stress are known triggers.

Recommended treatments

Itchy scalp conditions can be easily treated with an anti-dandruff medicated shampoo that contains the right balance of chemical ingredients, such as:


Selenium sulfate

Zinc pyrithione or zinc estimator – can be toxic

Pyrokoton Ulmine – Less toxic than pyruvium

Antifungal substances

Always ask your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Recommended products

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