Erector Spinae Muscle – Massage Therapist Review

What are erection erections? Known as erect, Erector Spinae is a muscle group in the back that consists of ilicostalis, longissimus and spinalis.


Sources: Thorny processes of T9-T12.

Additions: Thorny processes of the thoracic vertebrae T1 and T2 and the cervical vertebrae.

Actions: One can bend forward at the waist by resisting gravity and straighten through contraction. Used to maintain good posture.

rival: Abs


Spasm or tightening of these muscles, because they are inserted on the ribs, can cause stabbing pain and make deep breathing painful.


Prank: Stretching in the lower back

While lying on the floor on your back, bring your knees up to your chest, hug them with your hands and bring them closer. to hold.

Get on all fours, turn your back like a cat.

strengthening: Back extension

Using a training ball, lie on it on your stomach, toes on the floor. Lift the head and chest off the ball and then slowly return to the starting position.

Massage techniques

Keep warm using flow, Massage along the entire length of the muscle, from the neck to the lumbar spine.

If you tend to use thumbs, then abstractionThumb on thumb effective.

For a deeper effect, use the forearms, with the elbow pointing towards the spine starting at the glide waist to the neck.

The above methods all referred to erections in a linear fashion, moving parallel to the muscle fibers. It is recommended to move perpendicular to the muscle fibers. While standing on one side of the table, extend your hand over the spine to the farthest erection and use it Cross-fiber friction (Fingertips on fingertips), transferring skin and fascia only in a swaying manner, beginning at the lumbar and ending at the neck.

The same can be done using the palm of the hand, again starting from the waist to the neck.

Thai massage pose, the helping plow provides good stretching: the client on his back, legs raised up to 90%, then the angle is reduced by the therapist pushing the ankles towards the client’s head.

Another Thai massage pose, the Assed Forward Bend: The client sits with straight legs in front. A practitioner sits on the heels in front of the client, with the client’s legs resting on the knees. A client and practitioners hold the wrists while the practitioner pulls the client forward.

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