Go through and get out of depression with the wisdom of the Tao

We all live in a world of depression. This means that many of us are sensitive and vulnerable to it, and we may all have experienced episodes of depression from time to time throughout our lives. In fact, depression has become an epidemic in the contemporary world we live in, and millions of people are diagnosed with this mental disorder each year. This mental struggle is as old as age, and it does not respect people. To illustrate, Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister of World War II, suffered from bipolar depression; Ernest Hemingway, the Nobel Prize-winning author, suffered from depression that led to his ultimate suicide.

First and foremost, no stain depression. The explanation is simple: once we stigmatize this mental disorder, we tend to not only deny but also avoid it; In the process, we may perpetuate it consciously and subconsciously. Once a person is diagnosed with depression, he always comes back to haunt that person. Why? This is because depression is a mental struggle to escape the inevitable. That is, if we stigmatize it, we want to avoid it at all costs, and then we strive to escape from it with many distractions in life, such as taking depression meditation, a dose of alcohol or drugs, on a shopping trip or vacation, all of these distractions do not work because That they do not stimulate the root problem: taking a medication to elevate the depressive mood ends up only in taking additional medications; Taking alcohol or drugs can cause addiction problems; Going on a shopping trip can create debts and financial problems that lead to further depression down the road; Going on vacation with her planning and travel can create excessive stress that will result in another depressive episode.

Depression is nothing more than a mental inability to cope or deal with the many life problems created by the realities of life. Free ourselves permanently From depression, we must not avoid it through medication or with distractions; Instead we must attain deep human wisdom. Why? This is because we need the wisdom to ask ourselves a lot of intuitive self-questions to find out who we are and what we really want from life. More importantly, we need wisdom to understand how The human mind functions: that is, how it perceives and interprets the experiences of daily life, turning them into so-called “realities” of life, which ultimately affect the way we make our life decisions as well as the way we act and react on a daily basis. Haim. Deep human wisdom may allow us to see the truths about ourselves as well as everything that is happening around us. In other words, we may see things as they are, rather than what we want them to be. Knowing the truths – which separates them from the halves of truths or even myths – inevitably holds the key to the art of living well as if everything is a miracle, which can free us from depression.

Why do we need Tao wisdom, or what is Tao wisdom? The wisdom of the Tao is the ancient human wisdom from China, based on the book Tao Ta Ching, Written by the sage Lao Order over 2,600 years ago. This immortal ancient classic consists of 81 short chapters of poetry (only 5,000 Chinese characters in total) about lifestyle and living in balance and harmony.

The first essential in Taoist wisdom is to be with empty thinking to flip thinking. In other words, achieve Right Human Wisdom, we must first and foremost empty our minds of any preconditional thinking, such as the need to use medication or distractions to avoid or overcome depression. Instead, we must go through “depression” by experiencing all aspects of it in order to understand well how and Why In the first place we may have depression. To do this we must live in the present moment. Living in the past or projecting our expectations for the future are necessarily the underlying cause of all episodes of depression. In addition, according to Lao Tzu, everything in this world is irregular, and so everything follows a natural cycle, just as life is necessarily accompanied by death, what goes up should also go down. Understanding and applying this simple but profound wisdom to daily life may cause us to see the futility of our “overdoing” that does more than is necessary to achieve our life goals, thus causing excessive stress in our lives leading to distress and disappointment, which are the main components of depression.

Tao is neither a religion nor a philosophy. It is only a way of thinking, a way of life with simple but deep human wisdom. Going “through” depression with Tao wisdom may enlighten us to make us think Differently About our depression. The wisdom of the Tao teaches us embrace Everything in life, both good and bad, as well as the pleasant and the unpleasant, and then learn everything from everything–It It is a true enlightenment of the human mind.

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