Oprah and Eckhart Tull – The Earth is New, Feeds the Body with Spiritual Energy and Overcomes Obesity

Oprah and Eckhart Tull, author of “A New Earth” answered a caller from Beijing, China regarding weight loss and body modification.

Kathy from Beijing has lost 30 pounds in the past year and admitted that for her it is a “spiritual work” beyond that of weight loss. When she tried to explain this to her friends, Kathy found it difficult to articulate the spiritual process adequately without her friends looking at her as if she were “mentally ill” or strange.

Oprah responded: “A friend and I talked about it a few days ago about allowing yourself to feed from the energy that is already inside your body. I know what you are talking about.”

Jesus himself had a situation where his disciples were hungry and brought Jesus meat saying, “Lord, eat.” But Jesus said to them, “I have meat to eat that you do not know.” The confused students said to each other, “Did anyone give him something to eat?” Jesus who heard them replied, “My flesh is to do the will of the Father who sent me and to finish his work” (John 4: 31-34).

There is no doubt that once your spirit has been awakened by God and connected to the Creator, the “illustrative spirit” within will awaken your mortal body (John 6:63). In fact it is the Holy Spirit who raised Messiah from the dead and gives life to our physical bodies (Romans 8:11).

Hence the discussion between Oprah, Kathy and Eckhart was very insightful regarding the nourishment of energy before eating too early and excessively.

There is no doubt that there is nutrition out of our spirit that many rarely begin to be over-consumed and preoccupied with the egoic body and mind.

However when we cultivate the spiritual energy inside to nourish the body, we can overcome obesity and prevent overeating. As we develop an increased consciousness, we both hear and harness our bodies more easily before over-indulging.

Eckhart said wisely: “Being in touch with the body is very helpful because the body knows what it needs. Overeating occurs because it is part of the unconsciousness of the ego, which seeks to replace the sense of life.”

Opera wholeheartedly agreed with Eckhart on the point that she was experientially confident in her own life. Cathy agreed, too.

Before it was ever known by the flesh, the Messiah was called the “Child of the Holy Spirit” by whom he was perceived by the Virgin Mary (see Matthew 1:18).

Given that humans are also triangular in nature — that is, we are spirit, have a mind, and live in the body — some are nourished more internally and externally, if only we could reconnect to the divine spiritual life. The inner life is much more nourishing and satisfying than the external substitutes that enlarge our body but leave us empty on the inside.

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