Salute to the Globalpino sisters

Every Finn, for sure, knows at least one nurse who is planning or already working abroad; whether it’s a relative, friend, acquaintance or neighbor you see a move in white, every so often. I call them white hostels – no, not white walkers, if Because sometimes they look like zombies after being covered for multiple clinic shifts or hospitals!

They used to be bleeding students to drip tons of information from the heavy books straight into their tireless minds, not to mention the excitement of finishing clinical hours and grueling labs, and dealing with the saga of approvals and tests.

Where are they now?

1. Abroad, living their dreams as medical practitioners. Yes!

2. Abroad, live their dreams and do something else. Wow!

3. In our beloved country, live their dreams as medical practitioners (salute!).

4. In our beloved country, excels in another field, hoping it is still alive in the nursing care process. for life!

Their impact

Irreversibly, nurses do care for communities no less than other professionals. Beyond health science, they provide care and compassion not only to their patients, but also to their supervisors, colleagues, friends, family and countrymen. Of course they hold money, but they also help improve our overall economic situation and continually raise health care in the world (or in the industry in which they are), in the process.

The challenge

About 19,000 evacuation nurses leave each year to work abroad, mainly for higher wages and a more reasonable workload. Now it is for those who were lucky and persevered enough to gain enough experience to be considered overseas jobs. The rest devoted their time and energy to raising their lives as representatives , Officers, professionals and even executives in the field of IT, BPO, RPO, finance, insurance, etc. All of these result in – yes, you are right – not enough nursing workforce in PH hospitals.

Your part

While lawmakers are making sufficient efforts to raise salaries and benefits for government employees and nurses, it would not hurt to evaluate white hostels in the best way you can. Respect the nurse assigned to you, or the one you see walking down the street every day. Talk to them about health, sanitation, nutrition or anything that makes sense; Trust me, we know more than just taking your BP.

Join me in encouraging the #GlobalPinoy sisters around the world as we strive to improve their situation wherever they are (salute!). If you have any questions or comments, write a letter to [email protected].

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