Tips for treating penile skin while showering

Good penis care helps keep the guy’s favorite body part in excellent condition. This includes the skin of the penis, which because of its visibility is of central importance. After all, when clothes are abstracted and masculinity is exposed, the condition of the penis skin will make a precious first impression on a potential mate.

Most men know that hygiene, including proper washing, is the key to healthy penis skin – but not everyone is aware that sometimes care must be taken while showering to make sure the skin gets the most benefits – and least damage – from the cleansing experience. .


Countless advertisements for soaps and cleansers have taught us that whipping means cleansing. But in fact, when it comes to penis skin and foam, a little less can be more.

Bubbles and foaming with soap and cleanser are formed because of an ingredient known as a surfactant. This chemical cleanses, but it also binds with the natural oils in the skin and skin and removes them. When this happens, the skin becomes drier and rougher. Consistently using heavy soap on surfactants can lead to scaly and flaky penis skin, which is definitely undesirable.

Another problem that can occur is being good and soap and then not washing the soap completely. The pull of the excess cleanser gets rid of the visible marks, but the chemicals that caused the foam still exist and do their best to dry out the skin.

Goes a lot

Some days there is nothing like a good, long shower to make a guy feel great. And an occasional 20-minute shower is just fine. However, the consistency of long showers does not do any good to the skin of the penis. After a certain point, the dirt and grime is washed away, and moving on may begin to remove the oils the skin needs.

some Like It Hot

Again, a nice, warm shower can soothe sore muscles – and indulge in one every so often. But hot showers are really good at draining the oils from the skin and it’s really bad looking for the penis. Hot or even lukewarm showers are best. If a man does choose a hot shower, keep it about once a week.

Rough in it

Good care for the skin of the penis does not stop when the water is turned off. The drying process can also play a role. For example, using a rough towel may damage the skin over time. In addition, it is best to pat the skin bull and not rub the towel all over the country.

This moisture

Take a tip from women: it is not enough to take a shower to keep the skin moist. What you need after the shower is to apply a moisturizer to the skin while the skin is still moist. It helps trap the moisture and oils in the skin, making it a “double whey” that is great for treating the skin of the penis – and the whole body.

A shower to keep the skin of the penis clean and clean is critical. To properly moisturize the skin of the penis after a shower, using a top level Penis health cream (Health professionals recommend Man1 Man oil, which has been clinically proven to be mild and safe for the skin) warmly recommended. Because a strong “moisture lock” is needed, it is best to find a cream that contains a combination of moisturizers, such as natural moisturizer (like vitamin E) and a high-level conditioner conditioner (such as shea butter). But the cream should also protect the skin from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. To this end a cream with a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid is really the best option. Proper treatment of the penis will maintain a smooth, supple and attractive skin appearance.

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